I know. Was that all she deserved? After she had just poured her heart out to him? A sudden urge to punch herself in the face arose, as irritation grew. Just a moment ago, she had pushed away all the work and effort once put into locking feelings for him away. It had taken her so long, and she  felt like she had finally done it, but one kiss was enough to break it, to break her. God how pathetic.

          In silence, she had listened to his words, not moving when his hand had taken her own, though it did cause her heart to skip a beat. He was right. Never has she thought about his feelings, or put them first. And it was something that needed to be done. Never had he shown her that he had feelings for her, that he was in love with her. Such a thing had never happened. No words or love. But there was something more to it- the way he had kissed her. There was more to it than just shutting her up. First of all, he could have chosen a different way to do so, but what mattered the most was that it was more than that; it was more than a peck or a simple kiss; his lips were crashing on hers with passion; he held her in a certain way, there was no explaining it, but it was not just to shut her up. No one could change her mind about that, it was something she knew deep down.

          Flinching at the sudden touch of hands, ones playing with locks of her pink hair, her eyes had opened widely, staring into his own. There was something about the look on his face, the image of peace that was difficult to explain.

                                                                      “..You’re home.”

          And with that said, fingers went across the sides of his neck, locking on the back of it as she had pulled him closer, pressing her lips against his own. It felt right, them together, the moment, everything previously said and done. For an unknown reason, a sense of happiness spread throughout her body, and she did not want to let go of him. But, there was no telling how he would react to such a bold move.



                 He wanted more.

     That was his initial thought when he felt her sky pair of lips barely ghost against his won as her palms were tracing unnoticeable and indistinguishable patterns on the sensitive skin of the Uchiha’s neck and it all felt so right. Of course, he had taken note of the fact that that was the very first time she had initiated things even though she was the one who has been in love with him this whole time — yes, she had been patient. Destiny favors the patient, they say. 

     He quickly released her hand and cupped her cheeks instead. For a moment there, he paused, barely resting his forehead against hers, not wanting to open his eyes for even one second, in fear that this might just be an illusion of sorts, and then his lips were onto her skin again, except they were now travelling across different places on her face, quick pecks on her mouth, her cheeks, her jawline to the tip of her chin and just slightly downward. 

          No need to hurry when he had all the time to make her his.

ut then again he was always the strategical type. He needed to make Sakura fall harder before trying to make any sort of move in that direction and he was willing to wait for as long as it would take. Slowly detaching his lips from her face, his forehead came to once again rest against hers, this time he was planning to speak though. 

            " i’ve been thinking about you for so
               long it’s not even funny anymore. a
               year or so ago i didn’t even think 
               anyone could have that sort of effect
               on me. you’re amazing. “

I'm radioactive.


          Was she put under a genjutsu? Not likely. It was reality, but that’s what made it so frightening. The boy who had done nothing but be cold to her, ignore her in the past, who she could not stop arguing with for a month or two now, was kissing her. Her mind could not wrap around it, it was too sudden and too strange, so very out of character. That is, if he was not playing some sort of a sick and twisted game with her, trying to lure her in and make her remember all of the feelings she once and still held for him, only to crush them into pieces once more?

          Something was definitely not right. All of his movements were proving that statement correct. Kissing her was one thing, but pulling her into a gentle embrace was another. The shock and confusion was written across her features as she allowed him to do so, just leaning her head against his chest and listening to the clearly increased beat of his heart. Nothing made sense anymore, it felt like a dream, or life in another dimension. His behavior, his actions, his words..

                                                                      “Think about you..?”

          She did not want to, truly she fought those thoughts away but it was pointless. His presence had occupied her mind. But before a single word could be spoken, the embrace was broken as he had turned, with the intention of walking away from her. That movement caused her chest to ache slightly, and suddenly, fingers of her right hand had wrapped around his wrist tightly, stopping his movements while eyes locked onto the ground.

                                                                        “How dare you..?!

                                                  How dare you do this to me after everything?!

                                                                  You don’t get to kiss me!

                                            You don’t get to push your way under my skin again!

                                                                 How do you even do it?!

                                                    Just how do you keep doing this to me?!

                                                           God i want to hate you so bad..!

                                                                            I want to..

                                                                           But i can’t..

                                                           And it makes me hate myself!

                                                                            Do you..

                                     Do you even know how long i’ve been waiting for you to kiss me?!”


          And now, she was screaming at him, allowing her deepest secrets to surface with the warm tears streaming down her cheeks. But would he even care?

                     ” i know. “

     And he had always known. Ever since they were 13. He turned around and grasped her hand into his, then took one big breath, only looking down at her, crying, and not saying a word. He wordlessly watched tears roll down her now pink cheeks and down her neck, making the collar of her shirt slightly wet, and then he looked up.

                      " i’ve known for the longest part, but,
                        sakura, have you ever wondered a 
                        bit about how i felt? i don’t know if you
                        have noticed it yet, but for these past
                        years i was trying to make you guys 
                        hate me and stop looking for me once 
                        and for all, because i knew i won’t get
                        anywhere while i still can feel our bond. “

is other hand now reached for her, carefully sliding through her pink strands, feeling their texture and just how soft they were. He didn’t expect her to think that maybe he was also overwhelmed by this current situation, that maybe he hadn’t expected to be kissing her with such passion at that moment, but still —.

                        " but i’m home now, sakura. "

 I'm alone ... [cap]


          Just as a new wave of angry words were about to escape her lips, she was stopped again. Apparently, her harsh push and cold words were not enough to stop the raven, as his lips had crashed on hers once more. Cold chills ran down her spine as the unexpected contact was made, knees began to tremble and if it was even possible, her heart beat increased.

          But there was something different this time, the second kiss was more gentle, but also more passionate. His entire posture had changed from the rough grip into hands that held onto her hips just right. It seemed that there was more to it beside shutting her up, considering that his tongue had just traced across her bottom lip, as if it was asking for permission to enter and explore her mouth.

          No. No. She would push him away, right now. He did not get to kiss her like that. He did not get to awaken the butterflies in the pit of her stomach. He did not get to awaken all of the feelings she had tried to hard to lock away. She hated him, deeply. There was no love in her heart for him anymore, there was no place for him in her heart. But why was she returning the kiss then? Why was the touch of his lips enough to drive her crazy, to make her break every rule ever made about him? No answers came to mind, but it did not matter. Trembling hands raised to his chest, leaning on it as she was kissing him back, absorbing the heat of his body.


     He suddenly got this desire to play a game with the pinknette in his arms so just as she started to return his kiss he slowly pulled back, sliding his arm around her waist and pressing her to his chest. Sasuke’s chin rested onto her shoulder and for a single moment, he just enjoyed her scent — floral, but so very natural. He knew this smell, he just noticed it now, though, but leaving that aside, that was not why he had done that. 

                 " think about me more, sakura. "

t came out as a whisper, directly in her ear and with a special accent onto her name. He just felt like he wanted to do a 180 degrees turn on her life, and he wanted her to stop thinking she hates him — because she doesn’t, but Sasuke appreciates her growing, trying to give him up when he was obviously no good for her, but now that he was stuck here and didn’t exactly have any intention on going away again, he could focus on things like this as well. 

                 " in fact, think only about me. "

And then he let her go, and left.


          With no warning, no explanation, she had found herself being pushed against the wall firmly, held by the collar of her vest, being pressed tightly by his entire body. Not only that, but his lips had crashed against her own, causing her eyes to widen in shock and heart to race at incredible speed. It was her first kiss, and he had just stolen it, took it as if it was his right.


          An explosion of warmth spread through her stomach, a shade of crimson covering her cheeks. To be kissed by the Uchiha was once all she ever wanted, but things were different now, were they not? She did not quite like him, right? And yet, his lips were addictive. It took all of her inner strength for her to not return it, to break it by placing her palms against his chest and pushing him away roughly. Her chest raised quickly as she breathed heavily, feeling agitated by his previous movement.

                                                   “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

               ” i’m shutting you up. “

     He didn’t allow too much distance between their bodies so that she was only allowed to ask that one question before his lips were onto her again. Except it didn’t feel as though he only needed to shut her up now and he also went a little gentler than before — he did remember that this should have been her very first kiss and he just took it as if it meant nothing to her — or to him, which wasn’t entirely true. 

     His palms traveled down the wall and rested onto her hips, holding them tightly in place. He tried to make sure that she wasn’t going to push him away a second time. Slowly and somewhat carelessly, his tongue gave a quick lick at her bottom lip, searching for her reaction — she would have to return this kiss at some point for the only reason that was that Sasuke knew what was going on in her heart. It wouldn’t thump so quickly if she didn’t care.


                                                      “Was that supposed to insult me?

                                                              Or make me angrier?”

          The tone used was a mocking one, even a chuckle parted her lips after those words were spoken. All of that was followed by a rolling of emerald orbs. Back leaned against the wall, right beside the door frame as a slight smirk became visible on her lips. She was definitely enjoying herself.

                                                  “You know, you are nothing but a brat.


                                          I don’t know what’s going on in that head of yours,

                        but when you’re a guest in someone’s home, you treat it with respect.

                                            I did not once ask you to dust or do the laundry.

                                             All i want is for you to clean up after you eat,

                                                  to make your bed when you wake up.

                                               Truly, even you are capable of that much!”

          Now she was beginning to calm down, channeling all of her frustration into words, cold and heartless ones. Sometimes, words could hurt more than actions. A part of her wondered just how far he would be able to go, as things were heating up quickly and the tension in the room could be cut with a butter knife.

             ” god, you’re annoying. “

     And frankly, he didn’t want to deal with any of that so he needed to think of a way to quickly shut her up. Now, Sasuke Uchiha wasn’t known for having the best ideas in think-fast situations and what the small, tidy kitchen belonging to Sakura was going to witness something quite unseen before, but he really couldn’t find any other solution for his problem. 

     Without providing any warning to the pinkette whatsoever, he yanked her by the collar of her jounin vest and slammed her into the nearest wall, just beside the door leading to the hallway. Thumb and index finger firmly gripping the chin of the unknowing girl, tilting it upwards as two pairs of lips forcefully collide in what is supposed to be a kiss.


          Angering him, making him lose his cool, leading him to yell has been satisfying for a while now. The reason behind it was quite simple- he was Uchiha Sasuke, the boy wrapped in mystery, acts of coldness and no care for anything in particular. He would never allow himself to be provoked, but would ignore anything and anyone he found irritating (like her most of the time). But somehow, she was able to break through the mask and push his little buttons just like he did hers. How she had managed to do so was not important, nor did she dwell on it much. Truly, she was glad that such an ability was granted to her. Their arguments would heat up easily, explosions would be created by words until finally they both ran out of them, or one of them would give up.


          It was a large change for both, especially her as she would have never dared to talk back to him in the past, but would always find ways to kiss up to him. Back then, she would have done anything he wished, but that girl was long gone. Now, she did not allow anyone, and especially not him to treat her like garbage or put her down.

                                      “Maybe i would relax if you stopped stressing me out!

                                               Is it really that difficult to clean the dishes?

                                    Or was it something the great Uchiha Sasuke did not do?”

                  ” haha. how funny. “

     There hasn’t been a time in which he felt as though he wanted to punch her, well — not until now. He knew that she just made that comment out of anger, but the great Uchiha Sasuke couldn’t just overlook such an insult with ease. He didn’t do such a favors to Naruto so why should he treat her any differently? It had been what she wanted in the first place, after all — Sasuke to treat her as an equal, yet he didn’t punch her yet, she still might calm down. 

                   " i thought you were smarter than this. "

nd she was, but he made it so that she would constantly lose her temper and say such things. It wasn’t as thought he was purposely trying to make her crack, but he had gotten used to a different style of living — one that didn’t imply keeping your place or other people’s places tidy. When you are a fugitive criminal you tend to change homes quite often — if you can even call any pit you hide in a home, but God did he want to shut her up.


          She actually felt happy for a moment when seeing that he had gotten up and began picking up the dishes. For one moment she thought that he would actually act like a mature person and do the right thing, aka listen to her. But that moment did not last long as she flinched at the sight of dishes being carelessly tossed, as if breaking something or her property meant nothing to him.

                                                         “Of course i’m going to yell!

                                        It seems that you don’t respond to anything else!!”

          Her blood was boiling at the moment, blood pressure skyrocketing. Both fists were clenched tightly in anger as she wanted to do nothing more than do beat the living daylights out of him. Apparently, her former teammate cared about nothing and no one but himself. Just because they have reached a point where they could stand one another, did not give him the right to behave so comfortable in her house. Truly, things would have been much better if they remained like they were, at least he would not push her buttons like he did now.


                                                  “Can you just stop acting like a child?

                                                      And clean up after yourself?

                                               If you haven’t noticed- i’m not your maid!

                                      And also, you are in my house so behave yourself!

                                    Don’t give yourself the luxury to behave like you want! 

                                        God your immaturity can be worse than Narutos!”

               ” oh yeah?!

     Anger started to pool within the brunet despite him trying to tell himself that he should remain calm at all costs. She was such a child — too worried about every little thing that would normally need no attention. He had been given a home of his own, and whenever her or Naruto come by, he doesn’t bother with things like that — it’s pointless. 

                      " maybe you should relax a bit! "

here it was. Congratulations, Haruno, you just managed to get the Sasuke Uchiha lose his temper — big time. And he was absurd, of course, because this is not the first time that it had happened. What point is there in making the bed when in the evening your going to come and mess it up once again? So what if the two or three friends that come over see that your bed is not made?


                                                     ”Are you kidding me Sasuke?!

                                            Is it really so difficult to clean after yourself?!

                                                    You can’t be serious right now!”

          Again, the Uchiha was at her home. It was her turn, but things had changed greatly when compared to a couple of months ago, when he had first came. Now, the members of Team 7 took turns of 3 days each, which would be a bigger bother in the past than it was now. Somehow, during that time the two had managed to find common ground, to talk to one another like normal people would, instead to ignore and be rude all the time. Arguments were still very much present, but now they were mutual, as neither would allow themselves to be pushed around. Either way, anyone who stopped by to watch and compare would see the progress made.

          This time the topic of argument was his laziness. The raven had just eaten dinner, on his first day in her home, and did not clean up after himself. Not only was the table covered in crumbs, but the plate and utensils were present as well. Just because it was her house did not mean that she was his maid.


                                                         ”This isn’t your first time here!

                                                     You are getting way to comfortable!

                                                 Get up and freaking clean this mess up!!”

                  ” they’re just dishes. “

     With an annoyed sigh, the Uchiha grabbed the two plates and his fork from the table, carelessly tossing them into the sink. They didn’t have that much importance when they could be cleaned up at any given time — but that was Sakura for you, could be a neat freak from time to time even when she is very much aware of how it annoys her two teammates so much. Naruto was banned from stepping foot in her house for a week once, just for these things. 

                         " you don’t have to yell, either.
                            i’m not deaf, you know? “
he had such a great talent in overreacting, it was something truly unique in itself, but not in the positive sense, Sasuke had practiced his ability to stay calm during his time with Orochimaru and Madara quite a lot, so he was keeping his cool, but truth was that her behavior was getting to him slowly, but surely — and you don’t want to see Sasuke Uchiha enraged. He doesn’t know just how much more of her yelling he can take.